Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sodus Point Family Camping Trip

Our first morning at camp...we headed straight to the beach.

Chance was the leader of arts and crafts with her hemp bracelets. Chance is Jessie's best friend and usually joins the family for the trips back to NY.

Thanks for my bracelet Chance!

Jim decided to skip arts and crafts and enjoy some time on the porch.
We had a birthday party for Jon and Ava. Happy birthday guys! Jon turned two and Ava turned four.



Lyds was a great helper to Jon even though I think he could have done it all on his own!


Thanks for the money Aunt Carrie and Uncle Pete!

Jon loved his tunnel! Thanks grandma!

The lawn mower was a hit too. Thanks grandma!

Ava got a ton of American Doll accessories. All the girls had a fun time playing with their dolls.

Even Chance!

The rest decided to kick back and relax.
Cake time! Jon decided a nap was in order so he missed cake.

Happy birthday Ava!

Video of Jon and his new mower.

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