Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fishing at Ryder Park

Cheese! What a cute birthday outfit! Thanks Aunt Tracy and Uncle Rudy!
Wee! I love to slide, but I usually go down on my tummy. This way it is a little bit scary! 
Time for some fishing with dad! He loves to take us fishing. If you look close it looks like Lydia and I caught a fish at the same time!

Sissy got one!
I think I'll take a water break before I try again..

My turn for a catch!
I think Lyds is going to try to catch another one!
Mommy thought it would be a great night to make a grilled pizza. This is the first time I made a pizza. Lydia has made them before.

This is fun!! You can eat AND make pizza at the same time!

One peperoni for the pizza, one for me. One for the pizza, one for me...

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