Monday, May 9, 2011

Mountain Goat Run, May 1, 2011

     I finished the 10-mile, hilly course of the Mountain Goat. It was my first time running it but it won't be my last. Next year I'll run it faster because I'll be that much of a better runner. I ran the Shamrock in March with my friend Emily, coaching me through it. I owe my thanks to her for getting my head on straight about my running. I ran the Mountain Goat solo. I did it!! No anxiety. Just a wee bit in the beginning and then around mile 5, I had a brief conversation with myself, asking, "What the heck did I think I was doing? Was I really capable of this?" Well at 1:48:24, I think I am! I did a lot of hill training with my friend and co-worker Margaret. Thank you Saturday morning Mountain Goat training runs. Thank you hills O 'Jamesville for our weekday runs. The hills still kill me, I'm not going to lie. I am not a fan, but at least I can manage them. I know I was stronger on the hills for the Mountain Goat than I was on the hills of the Shamrock. I did a lot more hill training for this race. My next running challenge is the 7@7 Cross Country Challenge in June...7.77 miles of a cross country course that includes "Hernia Hill," the steepest hill you will find in the history of Syracuse racing. When I asked my marathon training coach how long the hill was, his reply, “Carrie, About 200m. Short and steep. You'll be on all fours, so bring gloves!"  I'm looking forward to it. I am hoping to get a few runs on the course prior to race day. My marathon training starts this week, so hopefully this weekend's run will have us running part or the entire course. I'm ready.




  1. Wow. GREAT JOB! Hills are crazy and a 10 mile race with them? You rock!! And great time too! You are an inspiration for runners everywhere!!

  2. Congratulations Carrie...way to keep moving on to success.