Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Running Princess

     We took the kids to see Disney on Ice (Princess Classics) last weekend. We weren't going to and then Pete decided that we should. Lydia kept asking to go and we told her no, so we kept it as a surprise that we were going. She didn't know until she walked into the skating rink. She was very happy. Jon was less enthused with the show. I thought there would be enough eye candy to keep him entertained, but he lost interest if there were only a few skaters on the ice. When there were a lot of skaters, he'd watch and then clap madly for them. In our downtime, Pete and I took turns with Jon while he ran the hallway.
     We have a busy week, followed by a busy weekend. Dentist appointment, boot camp, orthopedic appointment, play date, church dance, gymnastics, Fancy Nancy party at the library, girls night, church, and then dinner with friends. Busyness abound. I look forward to Martin Luther King Day...no plans other than Jon's 18-month doctor appointment. 
     Workouts are going strong, as you can see I'm squeezing in a boot camp class this week. I'm running and strength training either in the wee hours, or after work. The physical therapist issued me a TENS home unit and it has been a dream for running, however I'm bothered that the muscle spasm in my calf is still there and not going away...after 10 weeks. My follow up orthopedic appointment is Wednesday, so I'll be interested in what he has to say. Like I said, I love the TENS unit and it allows me to get a run done with very little muscle cramping. I ran into a friend on Sunday at the gym. I've enlisted her help in doing some races with me. I have to work on this racing anxiety and hope that it only takes a few races to work through. I figured she can push my pace since she is lightening speed faster than me and hopefully help me when the anxiety kicks in. We're shooting to run the Chili Chilly race in a couple of weeks, pending half way decent winter running weather. We'll see how it goes!


  1. First off, thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

    I'm gonna search your site for more info about this calf issue you're dealing with....I'm also a PT and deal primarily with runners, so maybe I'll have some more info for you?? (Maybe?)

    Hope your ortho appt goes well!

  2. It's a muscle spasm in my lower calf, very bottom...had it for about ten weeks now. it's significantly better but still won't go away. the home TENS unit makes running easier. at this point it's just more annoying than anything. the ortho gave me a shot of cortisone to help with the inflammation. he said that should help.