Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Haircut

     Last Sunday I took Gram Group to her church and out to lunch. She doesn't drive anymore so I know she doesn't get to her church very often and I imagine she misses it. It also happens to be my childhood church...a very small, country church. Lydia joined us, and we left dad and Jonny at home. It was pretty cool seeing Lydia do the children's time during service, followed by Sunday School, knowing that I did the same thing in that very same church, at her age.
     Jon has started getting his getting his two-year molars. The kid got his teeth like wildfire. He has a full set and now we're just waiting on those molars to finally break through. 
     I took both kids to get their haircut last night. Of course Lydia wants to grow her hair like Rapunzel now, since the new movie came out. She still needed a shape up though since it was several months since her last haircut. Jon was a first timer and he was NOT a happy client. I have pictures to prove it. (poor quality cell phone photos)

Here he is...pretty unsure of what is next.
"Hmmm...not sure if I like this, Mom!"
"Nope, I most certainly do not. I wish she would stop holding my head!"
"I think I'll let her know that I don't like this one bit!" And not a single tear, just mad, mad screaming!
"Well this lollipop sorta makes it better, but not really"

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