Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There is snow in the North Pole!

     Thanksgiving was perfect! Great food, fantastic company. The leftovers have been frozen and I even have turkey soup to spare. We'll have some nice soup dinners for a quick weeknight meal....defrost the soup and add a few crusty rolls. What could be easier? The classroom feast was a success. The pies were questionable, but the rest of the food came out perfectly!
    The house is all decorated, inside and out. Lydia was super excited to have our outside lights done. We've been driving through the neighborhood to check out the lights the past few weeks, and now ours is done too. We put the tree up last weekend as well. We are decked for the holidays!
    Last week we finally got to do Lights on the Lake. The first walk-through night it rained. The second night was dry and very windy but both kids were really into all of the lights. We also went on a Polar Express train ride. It was magical! Lyds asked if the North Pole would have snow and I told her it might be too early for snow, even at the North Pole. Well, we didn't have snow at home, or even at the train station...but as we progressed toward the North Pole, there was snow!! (Thank you weather gods.) It was perfect! I thought Jonny was a bit young, so he stayed with grandma. That in itself excited Lydia. She's been a bit jealous of her brother since he's been getting loads of attention for his walking. Yes, Jon is finally walking!! He seemed to really get the hang of it on Thanksgiving Day, and has really taken off with it!
      I finally called and have an orthopedic appointment set for Thursday to find out what might be going on with my leg pain. I would love to start running again. I miss it. Weight Watchers is going well. I had a 3 pound loss the first week and no loss this past week. As long as it's not a gain through the holiday season, I'll be happy. I do think I might be lucky for a small loss this week, unless I ravage the cookie bin between now and Saturday.

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