Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

     Happy Anniversary! Four years of wedded bliss, a new home, a beautiful daughter and a son on the way! It's amazing how life can happen.
     Occasionally I do stop and wonder how in the world I got so lucky. I have had my share of bad times before landing where I am now, so perhaps that's why I can stop and appreciate what I have. It certainly helps that I have a great husband and partner to share my life and raise a family. It makes the rest just so easy.

     We're headed out for a child-free dinner tonight. Thanks Grandma Lenga! We're also going to stop and order our maternity photos. I have no idea how we'll choose which ones to order.
     Things are slowing down at home. The only thing left is for Pete to work on the back stairs. We need to build safer stairs and fix the landing area. We are also considering getting the central air this year instead of next year. I won't complain about that!
     There is just two weeks left before we meet Jonathan! In just 14-days, life will change again. Incredible.
     I'm almost caught up with the laundry. It has dwindled from an obscene amount to just a few loads. I thought I'd never get through it all. Sadly, however good, life has slowed down so there isn't much to write. We have a busy weekend planned and perhaps I'll even take some photos to post since I now have a new memory card for the camera. I also found the old one a few days after the new one arrived. Typical. The new one is a larger card though and I guess it's always good to have a back up--you never know when you might lose one. ;) Perhaps I'll even think to take a few photos of the bathroom and Lydia's room.


  1. Honey, it has been a great 4 years and many more to come. Love you!!!

  2. Those wedding photos are beautiful! Helps when you have great models to work with. :-)