Sunday, July 5, 2009

11-days left!

     The countdown continues! 11-days left. Phew!
     A decision on the central air has been made. We should be getting it installed on Wednesday! Yippee! That solidifies my plans to have a margarita party with my girlfriends in August. Now I won't feel bad inviting my friends over to a sweat box of a house. I love my margaritas and during this pregnancy, I have done nothing but crave them. I'm actually craving most citrus. Lemonade can pacify me but really, there is nothing like a good margarita, is there? Really, truly, I think my dad should plan a visit and host it for me. He makes a damn good margarita.
     I still haven't taken photos of the bath and Lydie's room and I do have a few photos to upload off the camera. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the batch my mom emailed me today...


  1. LOVE Angel Lyds! And you know come August I will be there with the biggest margarita ever...just for YOU!