Friday, October 14, 2011

Race Expo

     I woke this morning super excited for the marathon on Sunday. Odd, since just weeks ago I was considering dropping down to the half. In just a bit, I'll be headed over to the expo to pick up my race number and goody bag! Tonight and tomorrow is just crammed with a flurry of activities. It's all good, because it will hopefully keep the nerves at bay and won't give too much time to "think." Right now, I can honestly say I'm not nervous about the race. I anticipate about a five hour finish, plus or minus a few. I'm not shooting for a particular race time. Cripes, just finishing will be a PR since it's my first. After that 20.5 of hills in the wind and rain a couple of weekends ago, I can probably venture that there can't be a run, much worse than that. I was proud of that long run, even though the last seven miles sucked serious ass. Seriously. And if I said butt, instead of ass, it wouldn't be enough to stress the suck factor of that run. I am looking forward to starting the race with my training buddies. They were awesome to train with and without them, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it. So thank you Erika, for running that one Saturday at the park. I have to say, I'm stinkin' glad I met you!

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  1. You know I second that! However far either of us ever run, my fun days as a runner started with you by my side! Love ya girl!