Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's sunny in Cicero!

     Ah, the nice weather! It snowed on Wednesday. Granted it was only for a few minutes, but it snowed! Today we were close to 80.
    This morning I had a lovely run along Onondaga Lake Park trail. Afterward, I hit the Regional Farmer's Market for our weekly produce supply. I also bought some more meat from Sweet Grass Farm. We are set for groceries for the week, minus a few miscellaneous items I'll need to get at the grocery store.
     We went to our neighbor Andy's (and Melanie) surprise 30th birthday party. Lyds had a blast playing with all the kids. It was a great day for an outdoor party.
     Tomorrow I'm going to get in a neighborhood run instead of heading to the gym. I want to enjoy the nice day, ignoring the chance of rain in the forecast. If the rain holds off, we'll probably head to the park after church. Lydia was a little perturbed we didn't go to the park after the birthday party, even though she just finished swinging and playing with kids for two hours. Is it even possible to satisfy a 4 year old's need to play?

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